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LooneyJetman is the alias of UK musician and producer Andrew Lee.  He has been producing and recording music since the early 1990s and began independently releasing recordings since 2011.

Growing up in Enfield, to the north of London, Andrew was exposed at a relatively early age to the music of Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and the works of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, which sparked an early interest in electronic music.  The 1980s saw synthesizers become a familiar sight in many pop bands such as Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys, and the earlier analogue keyboards were slowly replaced by digital devices as the decade moved on.  Andrew initially used what was little more than home keyboards, linked by MIDI, to create music tracks.  As the 1990s began, he started to collect a sizeable amount of MIDI hardware and the recordings became more professional.

Andrew’s first release as LooneyJetman was in 2011, with the trance recording ‘All Your Base Are Belong To Us’, based loosely on an internet meme, which has gained somewhat of a cult following with its throbbing sub-bass drum track.  His first album, ‘Deep Blue’, was released in 2012 and echoed the early works of Jean-Michel Jarre, with virtually no gaps between tracks and flowing as a complete suite of music.

In 2014 there were two single releases, ‘All Your Bass’ in August, a completely new version of the 2011 single and ‘Into Darkness’ in September, a minimalist tech-house track.

November 2017 saw the release of the second LooneyJetman album, ‘The Lonely Sky’, following the pattern of the first album, with its roots in early electronic music of the 1970s and with a loose theme of space exploration.

Early 2018 saw two LooneyJetman tracks used in the ‘Haunted Theatres Live’ stage play and Andrew composed and recorded a number of tracks for the production.

Andrew is currently working to create versions of his tracks for live performance and plans to begin recording a new album later in 2018.